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SAM4s SPS-2000 Touch Screen Point of Sale Systems

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Dependable, affordable, easy to use, the SPS-2000 POS system is a great choice for restaurants, bars, fast food, and general retail businesses.

Integrated credit and debit card processing. Branded gift cards are available.

Designed for reliability: no hard drive, EPROM program storage, no single point of failure, quiet, no fan.

Included POS components: rear display, magnetic card reader, easy save-load operation with thumbnail drive or SD card, built-in network capability.

Accountable Business Systems provides custom programming for every business.

Your menu or inventory list will be used to create a unique program for each customer. English and Spanish programming and training is available.

Quick Service Features: 

* Store and re-call Drive Through, Phone-In, and Delivery Orders.

* Modifier feature describes and prices items

* Tracks all cashier sales and employee labor

* Tracks item and ingredient inventory usage

* Delivery customer data base

* Keylink menu screens for menu items, condiments, and flavors

* Kitchen Video requisition system

* Multiple system reports available

* Time and Attendance

* Integrated credit/debit card processing

* Remote polling all reports with optional inventory control software

General Retail features:

* Bar Code Scanning- Accurate, consistent pricing.

* Add items on the fly, with Not found PLU feature

* Price embedded barcodes for delis, meat, and produce applications

* Case and unit pricing

* Multiple discounts available

* Complete system reports

* Integrated credit and debit card processing

* Optional Polling and Inventory Software

* Poll and consolidate multiple stores

* View sales and purchase history

* Calculate margin/profit, average unit cost, cost on hand

* Maintain PLU database

Restaurant & Bar Features:

* Print Check when table is finished. Reprint check and add items as necessary

* Assign seat numbers for order delivery and separate payments

* Store and recall orders by customer name

* Split checks

* Add next round of drinks with one touch with Repeat function

* Sign employees on and off with magnetic employee cards

* Tip reporting

* Graphical table management with up to five areas: main floor, bar, counter, patio

* Integrated Debit, Credit, and Gift Card payments

* Time and Attendance

* Standard Network Support-UP to 32 terminals in Ethernet style network

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